Strategic Business Thinking & Planning

Starting a business begins with strategic thinking and planning. This is the first and probably the most important step in setting up any business. We help individuals, starting out new business and website, to go through a strategic thinking and planning process. Each step of the process is outlined below. We utilize a holistic approach in strategizing your business’s digital marketing plan.

Clearly Defined Nature of Business

Being clear of what the business is created for helps to guide the entire business planning and designing process.

Unique Value Proposition

Products and Services

Clearly Defined Customer Personas

A customer persona (also known as a buyer persona) is a semi-fictional archetype that represents the key traits of a large segment of your audience, based on the data you’ve collected from user research and web analytics.

SOSTAC – Situation Analysis


SOSTAC model is a structured, dynamic and generic approach to designing and implementing marketing.

Created by PR Smith, it is a popular model for marketing and business planning, including digital marketing strategy and improving individual marketing channel tactics.

Where Are We Now?

This is an audit and analysis on customers, markets, competitors, competencies and performance.

This stage scans the status quo internally and externally regarding the business.

SOSTAC – Objectives & Strategies

Where Do We Want To Be?

Business should set SMART goals, goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely.

How Do We Get There?

Strategies (approach) are mapped out as a guide to reach the business’s objectives.

SOSTAC – Tactics, Actions & Controls

How Exactly Do We Get There?

Tactics are tools that are broken into key activities to be implemented by the business to reach the goals.

Who Is Responsible For Implementation?

This will then require a series of Actions and processes.

How Do We Monitor Performance?

Controls help business to monitor and observe action outcomes.